A Public Meeting was held at Lapel Town Hall on November 19th concerning the OCRA Water grant project with the meeting led by Mike Kleinpeter of Kleinpeter Consulting Group.

This was the third public hearing concerning this round of OCRA grants and started with news that Lapel can now claim as much as $600,000 in matching funds from OCRA.

The Town of Lapel has to provide a local match of $160,000 (which is 20% of the total amount, with OCRA providing 80%) but if successful would mean Lapel has $760,000 to spend on the tasks outlined in the grant.

Water Grant Tasks

  • Ford St Well House Renovation
  • Rehab Elevated Storage Tank - Silt build up, rusting issues.
  • Replace Asbestos Cement Mains

Kleinpeter stated that "We have done all we can do" and "this is a good project".

The application will need to be submitted by November 30th and if awarded the Town of Lapel would not be allowed to apply for another water grant for 5 years but could still apply for a Sewer and Storm Water grant.

Typically, 12 - 13 projects are funded through this OCRA grant so there is no guarantee Lapel will be approved as many other communities will also be applying for funds.

If approved, you are only allowed to use the grant money for the tasks outlined in the application.

The Town should find out early 2019 if it is successful, and work could begin July/August 2019.

Public Hearing November 19th 2018

Updated: November 24th 2018