The Lapel Park Board met at Town Hall on June 11th.

The Park Board discussed movie choices for Movie in the Park on July 14th during the Lapel Village Fair. Top two choices were Up and Sing. The movie will start around 9pm (depending on sunset).

Bill Hutton (President) confirmed new seats for the swings at the parks in Lapel are on order.


Work is still ongoing on the new park:

  • Work on building the dugout roofs is on hold until enough volunteers can be found to complete the work. If you, your organization or group wants to help with this contact the Lapel Parks Department.
  • The Concrete pad for the Concession stand building has been completed.
  • Construction of the building to be completed by Dennis Miller Construction.
  • Grass at the park is looking better, but Park Board not happy with the number of weeds.

The Park Board has now spent all of the $200,000 grant money they received and will be spending Park Budget money to complete the estimated $30,000 of further work required to complete the project.

Donations, and offers of help by residents and local businesses are welcome.


The Splash Pad has a broken part, which may cost up to $6,000 to fix and needs to be sourced from Canada. No ETA on a long-term fix.

Splash Pad