The Lapel Town Council met for a regular Town Meeting last night at 7pm.

All members were present.

Clay Parkison was introduced to take over Michael Cates vacated seat on the Council. Cates has moved out of Lapel so can no longer serve on the board. Clay Parkison previously served on the Town Council. Parkison was chosen by the Madison County Republican Party to fill the seat.

Mike Kleinpeter from Kleinpeter Consulting briefly explained OCRA Grants and the Town's goal to apply for a $50,000 grant for Water, Sewer and Storm Water project design. The Town would have to put up $5,560 as part of matching funds for the grant. A second wave of grants potentially up to $550,000 would then be sought later in the year to help offset construction costs.

The Council then approved the local match resolution for the grant and approved a fair housing ordinance.


Aaron Goslee from RQAW announced that the contract for the Community Crossings Grant Road Project has been signed with E&B paving to complete the work.

The Town Council also approved hiring RQAW to act as building inspectors on an on-call basis. Due to the fact Gary Swaim (Town Building Inspector) works full time elsewhere the need for an inspector that can-do inspections during the day or on-call is required, especially with large projects like the Giving Hope Foundation that will need regular inspections. 


Gary Shuck discussed a request from the Lapel Community Association to move in a pre-fabricated 12 x 20 storage building or build one on site at the Utility barn. The LCA currently has a 12 x 20 storage building on the east side of the utility barn but it has suffered from water damage. The Council approved the request so long as it followed all planning requirements.


A representative of CGS was on hand to discuss the Trash Contract. He offered a two-year extension with the price staying the same for year one and going up 3%/38 cents in year two.

While several Council members seemed happy enough with CGS, when it came down to a vote the Town Council voted in favor of bidding out the Trash Contract. Clay Parkison, Lindsay Washmuth and Dave Taylor voting yes, Tony Pearson and Deb Wainscott voting no.


Chief Hosier informed the Town Council that the three police cars purchased used from Hamilton County are now in. The two Crown Victoria's are ready to go. But the Tahoe requires some work to install a dog cage for the Lapel K9 unit. 

Town Council Meeting March 15th 2018